Welcome to the Edinburgh Malaria Groups page

The Edinburgh Malaria Groups are based in the Institutes of Immunology and Infection Research and Evolutionary Biology.

Malaria is a debilitating and potentially fatal illness, caused by Plasmodium parasite infection. Malaria parasites are transmitted between humans by the bites of Anopheles mosquitoes.

Despite global efforts to control malaria infections and parasite transmission,  nearly half the world's population are still at risk, with 207 million reported cases in 2012 and over 600,000 deaths, mostly in children (WHO Malaria Report, 2013). Developing new, effective, malaria vaccines and understanding the biology of the parasite are major scientific and public health challenges.

The Edinburgh Malaria Groups combine basic and applied experimental research and theoretical approaches to tackle key areas of understanding of the malaria parasite's biology,  including xxx, and identifying and validating new vaccine targets.